Promotional pens continue to be one of the most affordable and popular advertising tools for businesses, regardless of what type of clients you serve. Here are the top 4 tips to help you select the right imprinted pen for your business:


1) Pick Your Price

When choosing your custom-printed pens, start out by setting a budget for your order. Imprinted pens range from low-price economy models to premium executive-style metal pens; pricing is based on both the style of pen you choose and the size of the order.


2) Choose The Right Color

Choose a pen with the same (or similar) body color as your existing company branding – that helps to ensure consistency across all your corporate advertising, improving brand recognition among your customers. Also consider the color of the ink; while it may be tempting to order a promotional pen that features colored ink, most customers prefer using pens with either blue or black ink.

3) Select A Style

Imprinted pens are available in a wide range of styles such as ballpoint, gel, rollerball, stick and fountain; look for a style that matches both your corporate image and your budget. Generally speaking, ballpoint pens (one piece retractable pens) are the most popular style since there is no cap to lose, and the tip can be covered, protecting purses and pockets from ink stains.

4) Size Matters

The overall size of the pen impacts how much information can be printed onto it; pens with a rounded shape and slim profile can usually only be printed with a line or two of advertising, while fatter pens like those shown at right, or three-sides pens, which have multiple flat surfaces, offer more advertising space. When choosing the size of your promotional pen, try to balance advertising space with usability; while a larger pen lets you put more information on it, pens that are too large are uncomfortable to use and will likely be thrown away.

Ordering an imprinted pen for your business is the perfect way to promote your company to both current and prospective customers on a daily basis. When designing your own promotional pen, be sure to set a budget, choose a size, style and color that matches your existing branding materials.