1. Write or Post Content Online such as:

  • Video tour of a local neighborhood and a 500 word description of what makes it great
  • 3 photographs of a neighborhood and your opinion on why to move there
  • Photographs and video tours comparing schools in the area.

2. Call Past Clients. Hunt Down Referrals.

You have to ask most people 7 times for a referral before they will take you seriously. Do not be afraid to ask.

3. New Target Markets

Pick a location you haven’t been in over a year. This works particularly well if you’ve never been there before. Here’s a short list of ideas: a bar, a different church, a college campus, a coffeeshop, a yoga studio, a orchestra concert, a school football game, the mall.  Observe. Chat.  Think of new ways to market to new target audiences.

4. Pop-Bys

Pop-bys are gifts you give to past clients or people you want to be a client. They are a great way to surprise individuals and make their day. They also provide awesome conversations starters.

5. Go Get Coffee. Leave The Office.

Pick a busy coffeeshop and sit down. People will be working and interacting.  This should give you the motivation and inspiration you need to start over on another day of marketing.

6. Reach Out To Educators

Reach out to a local elementary school teacher this week and offer to do a talk on careers.  You never know what will happen! Maybe the teacher will give you a backlink from their blog. Or maybe you’ll meet a parent that is looking to buy/sell soon. Either way, you’ll build new connections. You’ll have more to talk about on your social media page too.

7. Contact Local Business Owners

If you’re in a rut, how do you think other local business owners feel? They are in the same position as you. Restaurants face stiff competition from food chains. Local hardware stores face the Home Depots of the world. Reach out to these people and suggest co-marketing together.

8. Sit On A Board

Quick questions: Who is always featured on websites, newsletters, and other informational material?

Individuals who sit on boards. It isn’t the most immediate fix for your marketing, but this tactic will provide substantial value over the long haul.

9. Reach Out To An Agent Working Elsewhere

Reaching out to a top agent in another market for advice is a great way to get new ideas. You’ll see what’s working in their area and might be able to apply some of their tactics to your local market.

Be sure to keep the relationship a two way street. Provide feedback to the responses they send you.

10. Recharge Your Batteries And Forget About Real Estate Promotion Ideas

Take some time off.  Go for a swim, or a hike, or spend a day with a book at the beach.